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Monday, April 21, 2014

CWM Recovery For Xolo A800

Flash custom recovery for Xolo A800 (CWM) 

Things you need:
1) XOLO A800 with either ICS or JB 4.1.1.
2) SP Flash tool from here:

3) VCOM drivers:
->Drivers for XP/WIN7 - Download MT6577 USB VCOM Driver (W8) -

4) MTK 6577 scattering file from here:
MTK 6577 scattering file

5) CWM Recovery from here:

Download all the above files.
Now you need to install VCOM drivers so that your phone can be detected by the flash tool.

Installing VCOM Drivers:
1) First switch on USB debugging mode from the developers options.
2) Switch of your phone completely and do not connect the phone to the pc yet.
3) Open Device manager of your computer and leave it open.
4) Now connect the phone with your battery inserted. You will notice the device manager refreshing and a MT65xx preloader as shown below. This means the drivers need to be installed.

5) Now launch the installdriver.exe from the unzipped MT6577 USB VCOM drivers folder. Confirm the installation of unsigned drivers
6) If there are any warnings in windows 7, just accept and install.
7) Reboot your PC
8) Open device manager again and connect your phone in switched off state. You will see device manager refreshing.
9) A mediatek preloader USB VCOM driver appears for some seconds and disappears.

10) Before the driver disappears, you need to click on it. The properties of the driver appears. You need to select update driver which is under the tab driver.
11) Select files option and navigate to the folder where you extracted the mtk6577 VCOM drivers.
12) Choose WIN 7 or windows 2K_XP_COM (depending on the OS you have running on your PC) and complete the installation.

13) That's it. Now you have to REBOOT PC and go on with the next step. 

Flashing CWM Recovery
1) Open flash tool folder and start sp flash tools by right clicking and choosing run as administrator.

2) Click on scatter-loading and select the MTK6577 scatter file which you downloaded from the link.

3) It will show the various options which you can flash.

4) Now you need to click on recovery and select the CWM recovery which you downloaded. it will be named as recovery.img (ONLY RECOVERY SHOULD BE TICKED)
5) Now press download button. It will pop up a warning message. Don't worry and click YES.
6) Connect your phone and let the process get over.
7) It will show a green circle saying finished.
8) That's it. Now you can switch on your phone with CWM installed.
To enter into CWM recovery, switch off your phone until it vibrates. Then hold Vol+ and Power together till you enter CWM recovery. 
9) Have fun. :)



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thanks a lot. helped me a lot

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